Our Vice Chancellor


Dear Techsavy youth brigade of Bihar,

I wish you all an academically bright, professionally prosperous and personally healthy life. May the Year 2023 bring a new perspective in your mind about the Aryabhatta Knowledge University.

From over a million eligible young aspirants for Technical Education in Bihar, presently only a few hundreds make it to the Technical Institutions of the state. Unfortunately quite a few of students prefer to study outside the state presuming that the grass on the other side is greener. Let me assure all such talented students that Aryabhatta Knowledge University offers you indeed a proper option to be educated in your own state. Aryabhatta Knowledge University strives to work diligently and untiringly towards making not only Bihar but our country India a world leader in providing quality education in technology and medicine. We have been doing it through hard work, honesty, perseverance and empathy.

The faculty and staff of our university have already taken initiatives to carefully nurture the innate talents of our students and have successfully created an environment conducive for scholastic thinking of the whole fraternity. The aim is to make all the students and the teachers of this university a special class of professionals in the society. Our all out efforts are to produce honest, knowledgeable and efficient persons by providing the latest and student centric high quality education so that our students make a definitive, profound and long lasting contribution towards the growth of the nation.

Our mission at Aryabhatta Knowledge University is also to create an excellent academic atmosphere, reverberating with zeal, enthusiasm, self- esteem and inquisitiveness for all of us. It has been our sincere endeavor to naturally inculcate and foster speedy analytical, rational as well as out of the box thinking amongst the students to enable them to face the modern day’s ethical and Technological challenges.

At Aryabhatta Knowledge University we have been walking the extra mile to ensure that our all students, irrespective of their social/ cultural background, bloom to their full potentials. I am very happy to announce that the 'Aryabhattians' are aptly and very successfully handling the challenges of the present competitive world besides usefully contributing to the ever changing dynamic needs of our egalitarian society.

The Aryabhatta Knowledge University welcomes you with open arms and I feel very proud in inviting you to this university which is already a land mark in the state.

With Profound blessing & unconditional love,
Prof. Surendra Pratap Singh
Vice–Chancellor (Acting)
Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna