Members of the Court

1. The constitution of the Court and the term of office of its members shall be prescribed by the Statute.

2. The Court shall necessarily meet every year in the month of August/September for such number of days as the "Executive Council" consider necessary.

3. Subject to the provisions of this Act, the court shall have the following powers and functions, namely,

  1. to review, from time to time, the broad policies and programmes of the university and to suggest measures for the improvement of the university.
  2. to consider and pass resolutions on the annual report and annual accounts of the university and the report of its auditors in such accounts
  3. to advise the Chancellor in respect of any matter which may be referred to it for advice and
  4. to perform such other functions as may be prescribed by the Statutes.

The Court of the University has been constituted by the Govt. vide memo no. 15/एम 1-06/ 2015 - 1567, Patna dated 07.08.2015 under section 12 of the Act of Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna

1Hon'ble Education MinisterHon'ble Education Minister, Education Dept., Govt. of BiharChairman
2Hon'ble Vice-ChancellorAryabhatta Knowledge University, PatnaVice-Chairman
3Principal SecretaryDepartment of Education, Govt. of BiharMember
4Principal SecretaryDepartment of Health, Govt. of BiharMember
5Principal SecretaryDepartment of Science & Technology, Govt. of BiharMember
6DirectorDepartment of Science & Technology, Govt. of BiharMember
7Dr. (Prof.) Khurshid AlamProctor, AKU, PatnaMember
8Dr. (Prof.) Shiv Kumari PrasadDean, School of Medicine, AKU, PatnaMember
9Prof. Kumar SurendraDean, School of Engineering & Technology, AKU, PatnaMember
10Dr. (Mrs.) Joohi SamarpitaDean, School of Education, Training & Research, AKU, PatnaMember
11Prof. Ram Bachan RaiHon'ble Member of Bihar Legislative Council, BiharMember
12Sri Ranveer NandanHon'ble Member of Bihar Legislative Council, BiharMember
13Sri Manish KumarHon'ble Member of Bihar Legislative Assembly, BiharMember
14Mrs. Kumari Manju VermaHon'ble Minister, Dept. of Social Welfare, Govt. of BiharMember
15Dr. Basant SinghReputed Doctor, Ex-Director, IGIC, PatnaMember
16Dr. Utpal KantReputed Doctor, PatnaMember
17Sri Krishna Prasad SinghSenior Advocate, Patna High Court, PatnaMember
18Dr. Nihora Prasad YadavAssociate Professor, R.K.D. College, PatnaMember
19The RegistrarAryabhatta Knowledge University, PatnaMember-Secretary

The court shall be constituted by the State Government which shall consist of the following persons, namely –

  1. the Minister, HRD- Chairman
  2. the Vice-Chancellor- Vice-Chairman
  3. the Principal Secretary/Secretary, HRD
  4. Dean Student's Welfare
  5. Proctor
  6. Principal Secretary/ Secretary, Health and family Welfare.
  7. Principal Secretary/Secretary, Science & Technology
  8. the Director of Technical Education, Bihar
  9. the Deans of Schools
  10. Five principals of the colleges maintained by the university as are not Deans to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor in rotation.
  11. Four persons to be selected by the Speaker of the assembly from amongst the member of the Bihar Legislative Assembly, one of whom shall be from schedule caste/schedule tribe, one from other backward classes and one from women.
  12. Two persons, to be selected by the chairman of the council from amongst the members of Bihar Legislative Council.
  13. One employee of the university/college elected by the university/and college employees association.
  14. One student from amongst the students of the university to be elected by the members of the students' union.
  15. Such members of the Executive Council as are not members of the Court under the above provisions.
  16. Four persons to be nominated by the state Government who are known for their academic interest.